How to Eat Well on a Budget

The secret to this is planning, with a little thought and preparation it is possible to eat good nutritious food without increasing your food bill. Top Ten Tips: 1. Plan ahead your meals for the next 7 days, making sure you include a good balance of nutrients. Then write a shopping list and only buy the ingredients you need. 2. Find out what fruit and vegetables are in season and use them, as they are usually cheaper. 3. Compare the prices of loose fruit and vegetables compared to pre-packed; loose is usually cheaper and you can buy the exact amount you need. Also reduces waste packaging - win win! 4. Cook extra portions of your evening meal and either freeze them or eat them for lunch the f

Green Goodness
Green Goodness

Andrew, Harrogate

12 week Premium Plus Programme

From the first consultation to delivery Donna was completely supportive, understanding and a consummate professional. Her understanding of my needs and dietary requirements was fantastic. I’ve lost over 2 stone, and my asthma is now nearly non existent. I wholeheartedly recommend Donna, I can promise you that you won’t regret getting in touch with her.

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Lisa, Scarborough

Nutrition MOT

Following a period of illness I decided to take my life in hand and decided that my diet needed an overhaul. As a family we have adapted the changes easily into our busy lives and have enjoyed the meals from the menu plan. It has made us look more carefully at the foods we are buying. If you’re reading this, you’re obviously contemplating looking at your diet. I would definitely recommend Donna to help you with this.

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Jeanne, Pickering

Gut Healing Programme

I contacted Donna because I had health issues and a poor diet. I'm so pleased I did as she helped me change my diet and I now feel so much better with her support. In fact, I was so impressed that I advised my daughter to see Donna, and she in turn has recommended Donna to her friend. Overall Donna is competent and understanding, easy to talk to and sympathetic to a person's needs. I would give her a 5 Star rating *****

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