A Vegetarian Diet - The Pros & Cons

Unless you’ve been living under a stone for the last few years, it can’t have escaped your notice that being vegan, vegetarian or at least mostly meat free has been big news. Eschewing meat in favour of veggie alternatives has also been huge in the recipe book business, and glamorous protagonists include (Deliciously) Ella Woodward and Madeline Shaw. But could you take the plunge, and should you, even if you could? I’m often asked by friends, family and clients, and here is my view: People become vegan or vegetarians for many different reasons, including health, religion, concerns about animal welfare, or a desire to eat in a way that avoids excessive use of environmental resources. Others f

Boost Your Mood

Food + lifestyle upgrades to lift your spirits The link between physical health and what you eat is well understood, but did you know that what you eat has a huge impact on your mood and how you feel? I wonder how we forgot about this connection, because it was common knowledge in times gone by. Way back when (think medieval times), people would eat quince, dates and elderflowers if they were feeling a little blue, and use lettuce and chicory as nature’s tranquillisers. Modern science has extensively studied the impact on food on mood, and we now understand why food has such a positive (or negative) effect and also which foods we should be eating more (or less) of to support mental health. S

Summer Fizz!

Summer parties are often filled with sweet, alcoholic drinks that can lead to weight gain and unbalance your blood sugar levels. It’s not always easy to know what to drink instead without feeling deprived, so I’ve got a few delicious and refreshing alternatives for you to try. Strawberry Lemonade Serves 8 2 litres water 8 lemons, squeezed (around 280 ml) 1/2 -3/4 tsp liquid stevia (try NuNaturals) 250g strawberries, sliced In a large jug combine water, lemon juice and stevia. Simply stir in sliced strawberries and serve over ice. Cucumber, Mint + Lemon Fizz Serves 6 1.5ltr sparkling water half a cucumber, sliced 10 mint leaves 1 lemon, sliced Put all the ingredients in a large jug, chill and

Childhood Eczema & Gut Health

Eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis) now affects 1 in 5 children in the UK. If your child is one of the 20% diagnosed with this condition, they’ll suffer from cracked skin, redness, bacterial infection, itching and scratching. I wonder if that all sounds familiar? Add to that broken sleep (as skin gets hotter and itchier at night), digestive problems and even asthma and allergies, and it all adds up to not much fun for anyone. What exactly is eczema? The skin is the body's largest organ, providing a strong barrier to protect it from infections and irritation. It’s made up of a thin outer layer, an elastic middle layer, and a fatty layer at the deepest level. Each layer contains skin cell

Green Goodness
Green Goodness

Andrew, Harrogate

12 week Premium Plus Programme

From the first consultation to delivery Donna was completely supportive, understanding and a consummate professional. Her understanding of my needs and dietary requirements was fantastic. I’ve lost over 2 stone, and my asthma is now nearly non existent. I wholeheartedly recommend Donna, I can promise you that you won’t regret getting in touch with her.

Green Goodness

Lisa, Scarborough

Nutrition MOT

Following a period of illness I decided to take my life in hand and decided that my diet needed an overhaul. As a family we have adapted the changes easily into our busy lives and have enjoyed the meals from the menu plan. It has made us look more carefully at the foods we are buying. If you’re reading this, you’re obviously contemplating looking at your diet. I would definitely recommend Donna to help you with this.

Green Goodness

Jeanne, Pickering

Gut Healing Programme

I contacted Donna because I had health issues and a poor diet. I'm so pleased I did as she helped me change my diet and I now feel so much better with her support. In fact, I was so impressed that I advised my daughter to see Donna, and she in turn has recommended Donna to her friend. Overall Donna is competent and understanding, easy to talk to and sympathetic to a person's needs. I would give her a 5 Star rating *****

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