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  • Private Consultations


Various programmes are available that can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Ranging from a one-hour online 'Zoom Clinics' to my longer programmes of between 6 week to 12 weeks, which are more suitable for weight loss protocols or to address specific health concerns such as digestive health, hormone balancing, 

  • Functional Testing

I have partnered with Yorktest Laboratories to provide simple home to lab finger prick blood tests. Yorktest Laboratories have 38 years of excellence in laboratory diagnostic testing and are a leading provider of food and drink specific IgG antibody testing programmes, IgE allergy testing and a range of health tests. Tests available include:

  • Premium Food Intolerance Test

  • Food Allergy Test

  • Essentials Health Check

  • Diabetes Test

  • Online Programmes from £29.00

My 21 day digestive health online programme is available to purchase now. Other areas coming soon including balancing your hormones and a detox/cleanse. All include detailed meal plans with recipes, and lots of information and top tips to keep you motivated. 

  • Virtual Group Challenges from £39.00

Each virtual challenge focuses on a different area such as weight loss, increasing energy, rebalancing and resetting your metabolism, 30 day veggie challenge, etc. Includes exclusive online access to expert nutritional advice and support, delicious food plans with lots of recipes devised by expert nutritionists and free access to a supportive and fun private Facebook group that is accessible anytime, anywhere. 

  • Workplace Wellness

I provide bespoke services in the workplace, to help your employees understand how nutrition can boost their health and productivity. From talks and workshops to 1 - 1 consultations, each programme is devised to meet your specific requirements. 

  • Consultancy

I offer nutrition consultancy services to businesses who provide food for clients and/or employees. This service is suitable for restaurants, health food shops, fitness centres, tea rooms, nurseries, schools, nursing homes and other businesses. Contact me for further details. 


Join one of our virtual Facebook group challenges. Lose weight, regain your vitality and learn how good nutrition can support your overall health.

21 Day Plan
21 Day Plan
7 Day Challenge
7 Day Challenge