1 - 1 Programmes & Packages

1 hour Zoom Clinic - £99

We discuss your specific health concerns and how to re-establish healthy eating habits to address your individual needs. 

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your energy levels, boost your immune system, improve your digestion or tackle a specific health condition, this 1-hour session will give you the help and support you need now to improve your health.

Gold Programme - £275

A course of three intensive one-to-one sessions, along with elements from the list to the right. It is designed to help give you the guidance and support you need to actually make it happen. This is a short course where we reinstate the principles of healthy eating habits in relation to your specific health goal and some very important self-care elements, resulting in a healthier and more confident you.

Platinium Programme - £ 495

Includes six one-to-one sessions, with email support between sessions to help keep your motivation high, along with the elements listed at the side. It doesn't just teach you about nutrition - that's only one part of the jigsaw. Throughout the duration I am here to show you how you can adopt a sustainable new approach to managing your daily diet, as well as provide the regular coaching support and encouragement you need to nurture a healthy mindset around food and build body confidence.

Platinium Plus Programme - £925

My most intensive plan designed for delivering maximum results. It includes twelve one to one sessions with email support between sessions to help keep your motivation high, along with the elements listed at the side. If you want the highest level of support from me to help transform your eating behaviour, and help you reclaim your health and body this is the programme for you.


My programmes provide different levels of one-to-one support and vary in duration, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Each one can be tailored to your exact requirements.


They involve some or all of the following elements:-

  • Initial Personal consultation – 60-90 mins

  • Follow up consultations – 30-45 mins

  • Mini progress review calls – 15 mins

  • Full Body Composition analysis including Weight, BMI, Body fat %, Muscle Mass, Metabolic Age

  • Personalised nutrition advice

  • Low GL eating plans with seasonal recipes

  • Health and Weight-loss Coaching

  • Kitchen Detox

  • Accompanied Shopping Trips

  • Weekly Food Diary Review

  • Your Healthy Eating Shopping list

  • Zest4life Nutrition Success Formula pdf

  • Zest4life Personal Development Record pdf

  • Email support