Overnight Oats

Discovering 'Overnight Oats' was a game-changer for me. I never have much time in the morning so I need breakfasts that are quick yet still delicious and nutritious. So, here you go, drum roll please.... Overnight Oats.

Serves 2...

150g gluten free oats

300ml organic whole milk*

50g pumpkin seeds

50g sunflower seeds

1 tsp chia seeds

50g chopped cashews

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 ripe banana

50g raspberries and/or blueberries

1 tbsp honey (optional)

Stir together the oats, milk, seeds, vanilla extract and sliced banana, then carefully spoon it into a couple of Kilner or jam jars. Add the raspberries and/or blueberries and top with a squirt of honey. Pop the lids on and leave in the fridge for the mixture to thicken overnight.

Nutrition Tip - Try to include protein in the form of nuts and/or seeds, as by combining protein and carbohydrate it helps with balancing your blood sugar, keeping you fuller for longer (especially important at breakfast).

*To make this a super nutritious breakfast why not swap whole milk for a home-made nut milk, such as almond, hemp or brazil nut. Watch out for my forth-coming post of nut milks! Beware supermarket versions as they can have a high sugar content.


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