Yoghurt Fruit Pot

Having a healthy breakfast really doesn't need to be difficult or time consuming to make - after all, who wants stress in a morning! It's important to include protein with every meal, as it can help keep you fuller for longer and stabilise blood sugar levels. With the inclusion of protein in the form of chia seeds (check out the nutrition bit at the bottom) and nuts, this light breakfast option is perfect for the summer months.

Ingredients: (1 person)

  • 80g fresh fruit (raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, passionfruit)

  • 1 tbsp chia seeds

  • 100g coconut yoghurt*

  • 5 - 6 chopped nuts for the topping (cashew, almond, brazil, pecans)

*This is a dairy-free option, but you can use full-fat, organic natural yoghurt too.


  1. Prepare the fruit, set a small amount to one side (to add to the top later) and put the rest in a bowl. Mash together along wth the chia seeds, then spoon carefully into the bottom of a glass/jar and leave to set.

  2. After approx. 5 minutes add the yoghurt.

  3. Add the chopped nuts to the top, along with the remaining fruit and enjoy!



Chia seeds:

These tiny seeds are nutritional powerhouses! In addition to providing healthy fats (omega-3 fatty acids), plant protein, antioxidants and fibre, 1 ounce contains nearly 20% of the daily target for calcium. Chia seeds support weight loss in a number of ways, including their impact on blood sugar and satiety,as well as their anti-inflammatory effect.

Chia seeds have a gel-like texture when added to liquids, due to their ability to soak up about twelve times their weight in fluid. The thickness this adds to yoghurts, smoothies or juices has been shown to suppress hunger more than thinner versions of beverages with the same calorie levels. One study that provided volunteers with a mid-morning snack of yogurt with and without chia seeds found that the addition of the seeds resulted in lower post-snack hunger, as well as a decreased desire for sugary foods. It also led them to eat less at lunchtime. So, this fruity yoghurt pot is a definite winner!

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